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commissioned design

Working closely with businesses to engage customers and reinforce brand identity, I create innovative commercial installations with materials of any kind. My expertise lies not only in my conceptualization of designs, but also in my technical experience building window displays, custom props, and more.

My favorite ingredients? Handmade design, a sense of humor, and dynamic composition. My aim is to always achieve creative, surprising and sophisticated results where the brand identity reinforced and company's full potential is actualized.

My journey with commissioned projects was mainly developed during my three years working with Studio Astolfi- a design studio based in Lisbon. Along with an awesome team and notable clients like Hermès, I had the opportunity be part of a large number of design projects with great creative freedom.

Film Scenography
Film Scenography \\ WeShoes

Project Type: Freelance

Client: WeShoes

Year/Season: Autumn '19

Challenge: Support six short video advertisements by creating minimalist scenes and paper props for the WeShoes story teller.

Solution: Handcrafted paper prop solutions for each of the six shooting environments.

Aquatic Display
Aquatic Display \\ :story

Project Type: Freelance

Client: :story

Year/Season: Autumn '19

Challenge: Create an exciting scene to display the products with matching playful sentence

Solution: To adapt the expression “Fishing for compliments”, into “No more fishing for compliments” and transform the window into a aquarium full of fish where a big hook catches the product.

Scotch & Soda
Scotch & Soda \\ :story

Project Type: Freelance

Client: :story

Year/Season: Autumn '19

Challenge: Build custom props according to the existing concept for :story's Scotch & Soda window display.

Solution: A custom-made door and handmade tree to be arranged with plants--overall arrangement for the implementation of the display placement.

Shelf Styling
Shelf Styling \\ DeGrau

Project Type: Freelance

Client: DeGrau

Year/Season: Spring '19

Challenge: Improve product visibility, lighten the interior to balance dark design

Solution: Thin wood was cut into different shapes and painted in yellow to be placed behind the shoes  in the background. This solution was designed to be dynamic. Easily removed, it is possible to play with the shapes in different positions/locations to form new shapes and interactions with the product.

Gravity \\ Hermès


Project Type: Agency - Studio Astolfi

Client: Hermès

Year/Season: Autumn '17

Challenge: Define a topic  which suits the autumn season and create 8 different surprising window displays where the products are presented as part of the scene.

Solution Topic: gravity