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As a sculptor, I'm fascinated by the physical world where everything is connected in a cause-and-effect relation. We are encountering less physical contact and awareness as our reality shifts to one of more digital interactions. I believe in the energy of presence and the power of the relation between our bodies and the physical surrounding.


In my projects I explore the sensory side of materials and their physical forces like gravity, flexibility, balance and weight.

By using materials with different properties and placing them together in a fragile balance, I enhance their unique characteristics, test their limits, and explore their possibilities. My favourite materials are non-static, carrying an innate sense of movement in their DNA. These materials include elastics, rubber, sponge, metal strips, bamboo strips, plaster and round shapes


My installations are a result of a dialogue between the material and myself, rather than an imposition--I prefer to play with materials and keep their role active.  

Copy of brancolatao2
Copy of gesso cor
Copy of brancolatao1
Copy of azul2
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