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Hi, I’m Mariana :) I create 3D sensory experiences through handmade design solutions. 

Originally born and raised in Portugal, I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Art in Sculpture from the Fine Arts University of Lisbon in 2008. I’ve since then developed the ability to work with an extensive range of materials by exploring their properties and the aesthetic possibilities.­­


Following my curiosity for the new and different, I’ve lived abroad in Spain, the UK, Germany, Brasil, and now Israel. I experience each culture as an opportunity to build relationships with new styles and techniques, inspiring further shape to my aesthetic approach.


My research is continuous and indiscriminate—I live through sensory experimentation, understanding the beauty and nuances of the world as I interact with the physical materials I collect. From alleyways to construction shops, I find sources of inspiration any and everywhere.


In addition to my personal art projects, I offer commercial design solutions. I help businesses explore their brand identity and potential with end-to-end design support from ideation to implementation.


With the aim to achieve both surprising and sophisticated results, I create handmade 3D installations with a playful, creative spirit.

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